3 ks. Tom Saab Flavour (MAMA) - 55gr.

3 ks. Tom Saab Flavour (MAMA) - 55gr.

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Allergy Advice: Contains Wheat Gluten

Directions: Put the noodles and condiments in the bowl. Pour in 1 ¼ cups (300ml) of boiling water.

Noodle (Tom Saab) (55g) by Mama recreates the Northeastern Thai sour and spicy hot soup, filled with the strong flavors of lime and chili to create that unique Tom Saab taste.

A favorite soup in Thailand and surrounding countries, pork rib tom yum is infused with a strong sour lime flavor, rich in texture and taste. Noodle (Tom Saab) (55g) by Mama is a new flavor from a range of hot and spicy instant noodle snack meals produced with the highest quality wheat noodles and spices. Mixed with a chili and garlic base, this tom yum has been blended with a hearty pork rib flavor. This is what gives the Tom Saab a fuller, meatier flavor than the seafood base of traditional Tom Yum.

Popular for its ease to prepare and tasty flavor, Noodle (Tom Saab) (55g) by Mama is loved by all those craving a spicy food fix. By adding two cups of boiling water to the noodles and spice, a person can have a light meal in just a few minutes. Noodle (Tom Saab) (55g) by Mama is ideal for taming those cravings when time is of essence.

To create a traditional Thai style Tom Saab soup is extremely easy to achieve, even for the most culinary challenged of cooks. Simply place Noodle (Tom Saab) (55g) by Mama in three cups of boiling water and allow to simmer on a medium temperature. Add cubed pieces of pork with some diced vegetables to the soup to give a more robust texture to the broth. Reduce the heat for a few minutes and serve with some ground pepper and chopped coriander to produce a true Thai Tom Saab dish enjoyed by all.

Low in calories and packed with taste, Noodle (Tom Saab) (55g) by Mama, will spice up meal times with its tender noodles and Oriental flavors.

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