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Adult Ticket - Valentines Party 2014

Varenummer Pris i Euro: € 20,00

If you come single, as couple or maybe more, then this is the right choice. Just type in the number of tickets you want. Use Creditcard like VISA/DANKORT, MasterCard, VISA, VISA Electron, American Express.

If you however experience problems, do not hesitate to call BRENDA at 0045 20 85 88 96.

In worst case we do accept money transfer, but only after appointment with Brenda.

When your order is recieved, a mail will shortly after be send. 

The official ticket/tickets will be handed out to you/all of you at the entrance of the evening.
We have chosen to do this in order to avoid manipulation.


If you e.g. are 2 adults:

You start to type in the number '2' in the order box next to 'læg i kurv'. Then press 'ENTER' or click on 'Læg i kurv'. You are now in your Shopping Cart overview.

If not, then just click on 'Vis indkøbsvogn' in the top right side of your screen. Here you click on 'Næste -->>'. This directs you to the payment side:

Try typing in your phone number in the top like in this example. This might help you auto filling out the billing name & adress.
Then choose 'afhentning i butik' as means of transportation.

And finally type in your creditcard details after clicking on 'Godkend'

That's it !!!


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